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A sweet, beaten victim to be tortured. From huntedmerciless [Jan. 21st, 2007|12:53 pm]
[mood |pensivepensive]

Buffy's execution of getting the hussy who had kicked me in the balls and then had tried to escape, was perfect. It made me smile and as she threw the beaten girl down on my bed, not unconscious, but obviously too sore to move, I moved over to Buffy, placed my hands on her tight little ass and squeezed, kissing her.

"Absolutely perfect, baby. How much did you have to do to get her back here?"

Judging by how wet that both of them were, I knew that it was a lot, but Buffy told me all of the facts of the matter. She chased her through the Seine and then onto land, where the girl, Monique, a slayer, obviously, tried to run. Buffy described the thrashing and then carrying her sometimes unconscious and sometimes not unconscious body back through the Seine, all for me.

I tapped her butt a couple of times, a plan forming in my mind. "Buffy, love, could you take her down to the cage down the hall and after that, go to the room down the hall from there and find yourselves some dry clothes..."

She gave me a look that said that she didn't want to be wearing any clothes.

"Honey, I promise that you and I will make sweet love all night after every last drop of blood has been drained, slowly from our attacker here."

I smiled for her and she seemed content, manhandling Monique, who grunted and tried to struggle against a much stronger Buffy to no avail as she was dragged by the hair out of my room. I pulled the string of hair of Bufy's that I had just extracted from her hair. The love spell would be wearing off soon and I couldn't have that at this point.

I quickly mixed a couple of ingredients, concocted another spell and walked down the hall towards her. There, I am stunned as the first in the form of the geeky Brit stopped me and implored me not to kill the slayer, and to just torture her and keep her alive in here, for another slayer would be called. He then told me if I'm going to kill her, then make sure to turn her into a vampire first.

He then drifted away and I was left deep in thought. Turning two slayers into vampires? Buffy would be changed this evening, before Dawn, and this torture and keep alive or vamp question now filled me with indecision.

I walked in on Buffy changing, and blew the potion on her, watching her smile as the dust settled and after I had spoke the brief incantation.

"Lover, should we keep her alive? She's a slayer and we wouldn't want another one called, would we? We could keep her alive so that doesn't happen, or just turn her into a vampire and not worry about this new slayer being called..."

Buffy seemed to be deep in thought. I kissed her and pulled her close to me as she had just finished dressing. In minutes, I might be pulling those very same clothes off.

[Buffy and Monique]
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The delicious Buffy Summers within my confines. From huntedmerciless [Dec. 22nd, 2006|09:06 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

Putting Boris and Spike in the stasis had been brilliant, even though Boris would not look at it that way and would probably curse my name for it. It was brilliant because it had isolated Spike, who would surely want to protect his amour, Buffy Summers, which potentially, might have put a snag into my taking her away to Paris plans.

Leonardo was about to kill the other slayer, Jada, so these things had worked out for the best, even if Spike managed to kill Boris, for he would surely be filled with enough anger to enable him to do so when the stasis broke and he realized that his beloved was with me and would soon be my beloved.

It was the only way that it could be. Buffy Summers, such a warrior with so much spirit, yet so delectable, sinewy, classy and luscious…she could only be mine and did not belong with someone so savage as William the annoying.

She, of course, would not see it that way at first, but I hadn’t yet transformed her into my Immortal and once I did, which was only a matter of time, then things would become truly meaningful for me again.

The First Evil’s plans to kill the rest of the slayers would likely be brought up, and since Buffy knew those that we would seek, like Spike, or Angelus, now good, if Spike survived and the others in California, and of course, we could entertain the idea of killing the rest, and it would be appetizing, particularly if after I changed Buffy, she was proactive for that plan, but also entrancing, was the idea of taking her away to grand places vacationing and killing, molding her into the purest of vampires that had ever been, a kindred, rivaled by no others, except for myself and Dracula, as we both used the occult and thus, our vampiric powers would match those of a slayer turned into a vampire.

These were possibilities and there were so many more, but first, I needed to make sure that Buffy was transformed, which, judging by the look on her face, as she was locked in a very thickly-steeled cell in my castle, was not going to be easy.

I sat down outside of the cell, as she grabbed the bars and looked at me with hatred. I had a smile on my face, and was thinking about the possibility of two more slayers being called, as I spoke to her, while she tried to rip the bars away from the door to get free, and surprisingly, she was very successful in bending the bars, slightly.

From my pocket, I produced another Orb D’Ellivienne, and chanted “Involare.”

I watched her hatred build, as she was held around the waist for a minimum of ten minutes, by the stasis, different from the one used on Spike and Boris in Atlanta, but with the same effect.

“Buffy Summers, I musty say, that you are beautiful. I have been foolish for not seeking your accompaniment sooner.”

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Lured to Sunnydale. From the_embattled [Apr. 20th, 2006|09:01 am]
[mood |contemplativecontemplative]

I'm being lured to the United States. I'm being lured to Sunnydale, California. There isn't much about the United States that I like. Don't get me wrong, I'm Belgian, and French Belgian, not Flemish, and most of the French both in France and in Belgium look at Americans as warlords, but I don't have a problem with that. Hell, I think it's admirable. I'm a demon, a vampire, and have been one since before the American Revolutionary war. What I don't like about the United States or anywhere, really, that's not Europe is that there isn't much if any of a code for demons, for vampires.

In Europe, things are structured in the underworld into factions and legions. There are factions of different kinds of demons, whether they be vampires, lycans, spider demons...whaterver. There are legions of vampires that are usually led by one or two. Germany has their own leader. He tends to see things over in Austria and in the Czech Republic. He's an imbecile, but he is strong and does have many vampires in Berlin, Vienna and Prague, especially, that answer to him. There are several leaders in what used to be Russia, and like the mob there, the vampiric scene is chaotic, and there is a lot of violence, which is really quite the party and something to behold when traveling there. The Italians have a strong legion leader, and he tends to run things in Greece and the Balkans, and unlike Russia, most of the vampires in those countries are loyal to him. Spain and Portugal have dual leadrs and things run smooth there, except when the two of them are feuding with me. I run things in Belgium, Holland and especially, France. There is nothing like the vampire populous in France, and they all answer to me. Humans are fed upon, businesses are extorted, I feed and get rich and there is harmony.

Few vampire populous' rival Paris. In fact, there is only one city that can brag having more vampires and more epic wars then Paris, and that is London, and that's why I am no longer in Europe. Factions were warring in northern France, near Calais over a hefty drug shipment that had been pilfered from some Caribbean humans, whom had made their respective ways through the English Channel and into northern France to spread their filth to the humans throughout Europe. It was my job to catch wind of this and with eyes and ears all over France, I quickly found out, and took the tram there, for at one-hundred miles an hour, it was the quickest way to get there. When I arrived, I was shocked to find Herman and Juan Carlos, the Spanish and Portuguese leaders already there, and was especially shocked to find Rory the Rage there and not Fangdan Wood himself.

As much as I disliked America, I disliked the English that much more. The French and English didn't get along at all, whether human or demon. There was very nearly a massive war there in North France. Juan Carlos and Herman had a small faction, and would have been pummeled. I had a large faction there, and Rory bought the largest of legionnaires with him. The war would have been bloody, which would have ben fun, and I was more then happy to and was anxious, actually, to proliferate that war, when one of the British Legion mentioned that Fangdan was in America, and that while there, he and Katrina were going to take over the hellmouth.

Hearing those words quickly made me retreat and go to the legion codes that most of the other legion leaers adhered to. No legion members from any legion should fight or war, even over the most trivial things, such as a kill that they might want, without the consent of their legion leaders. Myself and Fangdan stringently followed those rules to prevent wars, but we didn't when it came to our own legions. My legion and Fangdan and Rory's had waged war in England and in France, mainly, and there was no love lost. I had nearly bedded his lovely Katrina and still wanted to, and now, he was in America, seeking dominance over something mystical that had always tempted me because of my own propensity to use magicks. Fangdan dabbled in the dark arts, I mastered them and when mixed with my inherent strength, it made me the strongest force in the world. So, when hearing that Fangdan was trying to make the hellmouth his own private party area, I decided to amicably split the drug shipment between the three legions, and get to Sunnydale, California as soon as I could, lured there by the fact that I wasn't going to let Fangdan get more power out of it. If it had been Rory, I might not have been so quick to go there. Rory was respectable. But, it wasn't Rory, it was Fangdan there.

I didn't return to Brussels. I made my legion three-fold strong, with Jean-Luc leading things in Brussels, Pierre temporarily in control in Paris and with Jan in control in Amsterdam. Myself, I went to Paris, where one of my business connections in the human world would set me up with a private flight on a company private jet out of Charles de Gaulle airport, with direct transport to Sunnydale, California. While there, I would defeat Fangdan and make him dust, take his woman, use her and kill her, or keep her, depending on her stance on the matter, and I would make the hellmouth mine and in the process, face some beings that I hadn't seen in a couple of decades. Vampire slayers.

The slayers were wildcards in all of this. Everyone in Europe knew of Buffy Summers by now. Her reign was legendary, and her propensity to avoid death was even more legendary. Six years as a slayer and she was still alive, even though she had died twice, and she had averted many things, including Angelus' attempt to end the world, which would have been bad. Two more slayers had ben called during her brief death stints, and one of them, a Faith Lehane, who was criminally insane, was also in the California area. Not much escaped the Eiropean legion leader, and unlike Master Rose, the leader of the Order of Aurelius, who had gone to America so long ago to make the hellmouth his own, I would succeed, and Fangdan Wood would not. I had killed every vampire slayer ever in France for an extended period, but in addition to stopping Fangdan, I very much looked forward to meeting and killing these slayers, Buffy Summers in particular, and making her death more permanent this time around, even if William the Sappy was protecting her now, which was really confounding, but was said to be true.

The jet soared over the Atlantic and made it's way into United States airspace. My excitement elevated as we were only a couple of hours from landing. I made a quick call home to see how things were progressing, and when I was told that all was well, I rested my eyes and along with the aid of some expensive cognac, I closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. So many great things awaited me and they awaited me in less then two hours.
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Angelus to Angel to Liam? [Aug. 19th, 2005|11:55 pm]
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

A touching moment, it was, just as I had predicted it would be. In the tunnels, outside of the strange house with the scent of Darla, she came, came to us, not so much in harmony.

Well harmonious towards myself, far from the way that it was, although I hadn't expected anything else.

Darla, mon amour's grand-sire, and sired by once more, and the opener of the hellmouth, the hellmouth that was my destiny, that was my reason for leaving Europe, was here, now, with us and belligerent towards me as always.

A slight amount of banter and even a little scratch of my face, courtesy of the blonde reawakened, I found that what I feared, had already come to pass. I found that Drusilla was torn between the two of us and it was obvious that Darla, who's strength would be largely amplified now, after the hellmouth's quite entrancing opening.

My own strengths, of course, as a vampire who was now legendary in the black arts, could easily overwhelm her, but knowing the enemies for a definitive and taking them apart was one thing, and choosing battles was quite another.

Darla and I had differences that would never be satiated and while it would likely give me pleasure to beat her down and drive something wooden into her heart, she wasn't an enemy in the strictest sense. She just had something that I wanted, and it was something that she didn't want to give up, and besides, she was very attractive with her fire, which of course, was another potential benefit of co-existing with her.

She had co-existed with somebody that we both despised, for decades, in William the sappy, so it wasn't outside of the realm of possibility that she and I and Drusilla, as well as Penn and Helene could rule the town, promote the demon madness and take what we wanted, short of the apocalypse, because, who really wanted that?

Still, as I watched Drusilla and Darla, I couldn't help but wonder if Drusilla, if she was the right vampire for me. Until she had come along, I was a taker, never a giver, but was she the one? I felt as though she was the one, and pulling some very large mystical strings to get Penn back and then siring Helene, I thought that I had the team that I wanted, a much smaller version of my legion, but powerful, capable, there with me, only seeing the ladies together now had me wondering if Drusilla was my eternal flame.

We walked towards the door, well, they walked, and Ifollowed, listening, wondering, Angel as a human? Angelyus was souled and became Angel, a menace to demons, as legend would have it, in America, just as was Willy the sappy, and now he had become his human self once more? He had become Liam?

I didn't know how that was possible, whether it was foretold, prophecized, or if it was a hoax, but it was now dominating my curiosity even more then my feelings about Darla and mon amour's bond.

"Drusilla, are you certain of this? Can you be absolutely sure that we have one less powerful enemy now to extinguish?"

It was one of your more reasonable questions and knowing how Angelus was, it was one of particular relevance.

[Open for Drusilla and Darla]
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